Snapchat: The new way to advertise?

With 150 million daily users, Snapchat has emerged into a competitive force in the cutthroat “Social Media” market. Although the start was rocky with the negative connotation of inappropriate behavior stemming from the app, the market began to shift its viewpoint. With the change of direction and addition of filters, lenses, and Geofilters, Snapchat is the new way of sharing ones life amongst friends.

Individuals now know that the hotel is nearby but also allows guests to share where they are staying which will increase business.

Geofilters typically are a design about the city or area the picture is being taken in, but recently companies are paying Snapchat to have their logo and design appear in a certain radius. According to, a Geofilter costs only $5 per hour for a 20,000 square foot fence. This yields cheap advertisements for a wide variety of users. Say, for example, a new business is promoting their grand opening, they could pay to have their filter be in the area surrounding the business creating awareness. Expanded ramblings estimates 9,000 snaps are being sent per second creating endless usage. Even if the filter is not being used, the name or brand is getting out there and reaching a widespread of individuals.

screenshot_1On the idea of improvement, Snapchat should next configure a way to link the ads/filters to more information about a particular product. I see the app moving to more of an advertisement platform when switching from one story to the next. Adding a “read more” option would allow the consumer to get more information about the promotion or store in the surrounding area.

So the real question is, do companies really benefit from this cheap source of advertising? The answer is yes. With the right design and location, users will become aware that the store exists in that certain area and be more apt to going in the store. From personal use, filters are something I live by in the snapchat world. Even the cutest photos I take on snapchat, I always swipe to find what filters are in that particular area. From someone who uses snapchat daily, a filter can enhance my photo that I would like to share yet also peak my interest to check out what stores are in the surrounding area.


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