The Instagram account of The Sybarite

I have chosen an account named “we_are_thesybarite”. It is a company which sells luxury experiences. Why I chose it was because of their feed, it is partly symmetric and partly not. I like the fact that they do have a sense for how to attract customers, but there is another part I do not like; the fact that they the next day does not seem to have any clue about how to attract customers.

Since this is a company that sells luxury experiences their audience and those people they want to reach out to clearly are wealthy, so of course there can not be any pictures that “look cheap”. At least the context of their pictures, their feed, needs to indicate on a luxury level – a wealthy looking context. Not only to attract the right kind of audience, but to literally reach out to them by making them relate. A wealthy person’s eye would never be catched by an “imperfect” surface. (…Whatever that is…).  For example, the pictures needs to be in good quality because it does not matter what is in the picture if it is a blur, it will only look cheap.

Below you can see an example, where the left feed is more symmetric because of colours but also because of the objects in the pictures. Whoever posted this has a clear view of what theme they are supposed to post in relation to the audience they want to attract. While the right is more about only posting pictures without a second thought rather than catching eyes (and thereafter gaining customers). Furthermore you can clearly see without even clicking on the picture that it is in a bad quality, which is yet another example of how not to do. Of course it is important to keep the account updated (with for example at least three pictures per week), but there has to be some afterthought throughout the context and not only being about posting pictures just because there is a weekly goal. That can cause more harm than pleasure, more decrease than increase.  

It is almost like there are two completely different people handling the account. Which is not completely impossible since a common problem between collaborations or partnerships often is the communication. The problem here can “simply” be an misunderstanding, where one part does not understand that there is one who is incharge over the Instagram account and the other one is obviously supposed to do something else. Or, they may not even decided who will do what. In this case or the other they should start communicating since that is the main key to success – communicate and discuss in order to come up with something new and extraordinary.

An advice is to have one person handling the Instagram account – the person that clearly has a sense of how to attract the right customers – and to communicate!

Linnéa Ivetorn, Student at LCF


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