Instagram Copycat

In the age of social media, there are plenty of travel blogs, snaps and instagram posts providing us with a bit of wanderlust. With their creative photography and editing these bloggers spend time and time again awing us with their posts and inspiring us to explore the current city they are at or the latest “it” hotspot. These posts stimulate us to go to these places, take pictures and share them socially and receive as many ‘likes’ as we can. However, a while back, inspiration was taken a little too far. They say ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ however this time wasn’t the case.

Instagrammer Lauren Bullen, also known as gypsea_lust travels the world along with her partner to exotic destinations and takes her 1.2M followers along her trips via her blog and instagram account. Each of Bullen’s posts receives thousands of ‘likes’ and comments of fans who admire her photography. Her posts also inspire people to go to certain places or buy something she has worn however no one has gone as far as ‘Diana Alexa’, a.k.a @diana_alexa.

Recently Bullen has found herself feeling a bit weirded out after finding another Instagrammer, ‘Diana’ had been copying several of her instagram posts. ‘Diana’ didn’t simply choose to go to the same location or choose to wear something similar but rather she completely replicated Bullen’s posts. Bullen had said “[A]t first I thought it was all Photoshopped & had to take screen shots to compare the two,” however after further analyzation has realized that these are in fact real images.


Bullen also stated that “[She doesn’t] promote and tag everything [she wears], so that would have taken a lot of time and work, even down to the anklets and necklace”. “Not to mention the cost of all this- those outfits and accommodations don’t come at a cheap price.”




The situation surrounding Lauren Bullen and ‘Diana Alexa’ comes to show that in social media people seem more concerned whether a picture will achieve a desirable number of ‘likes’. It doesn’t matter is the content is already out there or if it is, like in this case, a complete replica.


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