I’ve always liked Snapchat the most, for me it is the easiest social media to use and it helps to keep you in touch with your closest friends and to see whats going on with famous people. In my opinion it’s not the best platform to promote your brands or events, but to maintain contact with your customers, building a relationship with them.

At the beginning Snapchat were just to send pictures to your friends, but there are rumours that it began with a sexual concept. Nowadays, it has a feature called “story” which you can upload videos or pictures that will only last 24h for your friends to see. It is a huge success, and due to it its competitors improved their features too.

It all started with Instagram, you are able to post stories, talk directly yo a person and even make live videos now, it’s a platform that includes a little of everything. A lot of people prefer to use this platform because it reaches more people than Snapchat, where you normally only have your friends. A large number of brands use this story tool to promote new collections, or post pictures mixing looks. It’s a great idea because you don’t have to scroll down to see the pictures; it’s already on the top of the page, which attracts more attention and curiosity. In my opinion a large number o users are migrating to Instagram.

Not only Intagram, but also WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have included the story tool, however, with no similar results. The only remaining one is twitter.

I particularly don’t know how Snapchat are going to rise and come up with a new revolutionary idea to maintain its users. In my opinion there’s no more they can improve, just some bug fixes. Live videos, for example, are already a thing among other social medias, and Snapchat is all about pictures and videos, not long texts or written things, so this complicates when it comes to new ideas.

In a short time we will know if this platform became obsolete or magically appeared with a forward-looking concept that changed everything.

Isabel Avena


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