The platform of the future

As a social media and online communication student and user, I can say that, Instagram is, nowadays, the social media platform with more potential of growing. With more than 150 million users, the photo sharing app has been greatly explored by brands aiming to promote your products and also to be part of its consumers day to day life.

With the latest updates, Instagram delivers to its users a little bit of each social media platform, making them loose popularity, such as WhatsApp, with the direct messages. Snapchat, with the Instagram stories, and last but not least Vines, with the longer lasting video posts available since June 2013. With that in mind, social media users are replacing other platforms and using every day more their Instagram pages. On the other hand, since the last update, Instagram users are complaining that they are no longer able to see all of their friends posts as they are now giving preference to more relevant posts, and not on chronological order.

Brands are using fashion bloggers, celebrities and also digital influencers posts to reach out for their costumers all over the world and to make themselves known. Partnerships between brands has also been a interesting way to achieve your goals promoting your name. Another attractive way to advertise your brand is the paid tool available, that shows you products and pages you might like based on the people you follow, things you like on Instagram, your information and interests on Facebook and also websites and app you visit. 

Consumers are looking for more and more inspiration online and in digital influencers. Additionally as Instagram offers a lot of different ways to promote your brand, in my opinion is the most promising social media platform to gain followers and also reach for your target market.

Rafaela Gontijo Calicchio


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