The Voices of the Faceless

Who is the writer behind your computer screens? Social media is a very interesting thing that just keeps on growing. As internet becomes more and more accessible, people are finding their way onto these media outlets whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or the one I’m going to be talking about: the Blogosphere. There are many types of blogs out there: food, fashion, news, beauty, lifestyle, and more. Now we see blogs as being so prevalent in today’s culture, but it wasn’t always that way.imgres

According to WebdesignerDepot, the first recognized blogging site was, created by Justin Hall in 1994. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that blogging had started to expand. By 2006, there were reportedly 50 million blogs online, compared to 1999’s lonely 23 blogs – that’s a huge expansion. With the growth of blogs online, the internet started to see more articles giving “how-to” advice on starting a successful blog and rounding up a following.

orig_tn_photo-40288-244302When I started learning about blogs, it wasn’t the concept of a blog that interested me, it was the fact the anyone- ANYONE, could start one and have it be potentially successful. I started following more and more blogs, one being The Style Rookie. This was a blog created by a twelve year old girl named Tavi Gevinson. It started as a fashion blog, and her father didn’t take her new hobby too seriously, until it became wildly popular. Tavi was being interviewed by The New York Times and was soon given the opportunity to have not only her own website but also a magazine which she named Rookie.

Blogging never ceases to amaze with all of the things people can accomplish by simply posting their thoughts. You create a following and you speak to people, no matter who you are or how old you might be. That’s the truly amazing thing about not only blogging but social media platforms in general. If you have something that you are passionate about that makes other people excited, you can make a difference. 

Written by: Rachel Mueller



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