What makes the “luxuryshoppers” the go to place for a unique and extravagant online experience?

The name of the website itself does not lend enough excitement to the “so called luxury shopper or taste maker”, however once you dive into the world of Lian Beraha and Ezgi Icel the founders of www.luxuryshoppers.com you indulge yourself in fashion, art, music, and lifestyle of a different level when compared to other high end magazines.  Its for an audience with a refined taste and they know how to make it work by bringing in the international flair whilst using their ottoman charm.

With an Instagram following of 68.4k its easy to see why they have been gaining rapid success. A mix of dynamic style reports , designer interviews and lifestyle coverage make them niche providers especially in their domestic market. Harpers Bazaar have featured them in their list of fashion bloggers to follow, and it doesn’t get much better than featuring in the street style section of the Vogue UK and Vogue Italia. Not only does the site feature and provide services on wardrobe planning, shopping with or without the client, style/image/gift consulting and getting ready for an event but also an experience on shopping abroad which I think is a major reason why audiences also give this platform another turn around.

Improving on the site layout and the way content is portrayed I think would really add to their expansion. Extra tabs such as Escape, Pardon my French, Boyz and More (which includes Books, Décor, Design, Eat in Style and Inspiration) share some of the most fascinating finds and takes the viewer outside the box of the normal and expected high fashion scene and into a more sophisticated one at their fingertips.

Written by Hets


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