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The platform of the future

As a social media and online communication student and user, I can say that, Instagram is, nowadays, the social media platform with more potential of growing. With more than 150 million users, the photo sharing app has been greatly explored by brands aiming to promote your products and also to be part of its consumers day to day life.

With the latest updates, Instagram delivers to its users a little bit of each social media platform, making them loose popularity, such as WhatsApp, with the direct messages. Snapchat, with the Instagram stories, and last but not least Vines, with the longer lasting video posts available since June 2013. With that in mind, social media users are replacing other platforms and using every day more their Instagram pages. On the other hand, since the last update, Instagram users are complaining that they are no longer able to see all of their friends posts as they are now giving preference to more relevant posts, and not on chronological order.

Brands are using fashion bloggers, celebrities and also digital influencers posts to reach out for their costumers all over the world and to make themselves known. Partnerships between brands has also been a interesting way to achieve your goals promoting your name. Another attractive way to advertise your brand is the paid tool available, that shows you products and pages you might like based on the people you follow, things you like on Instagram, your information and interests on Facebook and also websites and app you visit. 

Consumers are looking for more and more inspiration online and in digital influencers. Additionally as Instagram offers a lot of different ways to promote your brand, in my opinion is the most promising social media platform to gain followers and also reach for your target market.

Rafaela Gontijo Calicchio



I’ve always liked Snapchat the most, for me it is the easiest social media to use and it helps to keep you in touch with your closest friends and to see whats going on with famous people. In my opinion it’s not the best platform to promote your brands or events, but to maintain contact with your customers, building a relationship with them.

At the beginning Snapchat were just to send pictures to your friends, but there are rumours that it began with a sexual concept. Nowadays, it has a feature called “story” which you can upload videos or pictures that will only last 24h for your friends to see. It is a huge success, and due to it its competitors improved their features too.

It all started with Instagram, you are able to post stories, talk directly yo a person and even make live videos now, it’s a platform that includes a little of everything. A lot of people prefer to use this platform because it reaches more people than Snapchat, where you normally only have your friends. A large number of brands use this story tool to promote new collections, or post pictures mixing looks. It’s a great idea because you don’t have to scroll down to see the pictures; it’s already on the top of the page, which attracts more attention and curiosity. In my opinion a large number o users are migrating to Instagram.

Not only Intagram, but also WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have included the story tool, however, with no similar results. The only remaining one is twitter.

I particularly don’t know how Snapchat are going to rise and come up with a new revolutionary idea to maintain its users. In my opinion there’s no more they can improve, just some bug fixes. Live videos, for example, are already a thing among other social medias, and Snapchat is all about pictures and videos, not long texts or written things, so this complicates when it comes to new ideas.

In a short time we will know if this platform became obsolete or magically appeared with a forward-looking concept that changed everything.

Isabel Avena

Camisa 10 social media srategy

As a social media user, we believed to be much easier to gain likes, promote your brand, or even an event. On the other hand, as a campaign developer, we realized that a successful strategy requires a lot of hard work and commitment, going way beyond the followers you get.

For our assignment we chose our friend’s facebook page named Camisa 10, which means the number ten jersey, where he and 3 more friends write about the football world, such as Brazilian and foreign players, games results, hiring, and not only national but also international championships. All articles are written in Portuguese, as their main audience is Brazilian users from age 13 to 30. For most people in this country soccer is not simply a sport, it’s almost a religion, a passion that you grow experiencing. Therefore, is one of the main reasons we pick this page to boost because we saw so much potential. The definition of the page is “Written by soccer lovers and for soccer lovers”.

As start up facebook page we decided to concentrate our efforts in only one platform to be more focused and with that be more effective. So we brainstormed many possible ideas on how to promote and reach out for more users. Our first and main idea was to use a facebook tool called “sponsored”, it’s a paid method, which you establish a budget you are willing to spend and facebook finds its way to best boost your likes and followers and reaching a bigger audience.

But then we realized, as we became administrators, that not all of his and our friends have been invited do follow and like the page. We decided then, to start from this, we invited a large amount of people, who corresponded really well, above our expectations. When we first got connected to Camisa 10 it had 266 likes and little interaction. As we invited our friends we could reach 60 people, and besides the likes, users started to comment a lot more. As administrators of the page we could se the improvement with all the data facebook provided us.

The second step of our strategy was based on trying to go beyond our comfort zone, so we used posts from other similar pages to promote our own. With this, tried to make us known among its followers as it is the same interest area. We commented our link with a little description of the page and what is all about. To be honest, that was the less effective idea.

As we couldn’t do more ourselves, we decided to use the sponsored tool. We established a $5 dollar budget to last one day, and we are proud to say that it really worked. Before the paid content we had 314 likes, and after an hour that number rose 52 likes, with 1105 people reached.

His record post beat 15 likes, but after all the hard work we could get 3,2K likes and reach 25.291 people, with 109 comments, which means it was not ghost followers. And we could get a lot more if we increase our initial poor budget, but it’s not the point here, we are afraid that it could lead to future ghost followers, and it’s definitely not what we want for the page.


However, it was not all rainbows and butterflies, at first we had an overall idea for the page, but it didn’t corresponded on what our friend was willing. We wanted him to write posts in other languages such as English, Spanish and maybe a bit of Italian, but he refused saying that it would loose the essence of the articles. For that, our target got reduced and strict, so we had to manage our initial strategies.

For us, I think this was the first chock; we were expecting a different campaign, targeting more people and expanding worldwide. Now I am thankful it didn’t happen, we realized it is impossible to begin a promotion with such high goals that are so hard to achieve.

It is useless to keep talking about numbers and improvements without showing them. So, now we are going to share our results via screenshots we took during the whole campaign.

file-5 (1)

This screenshot was taken the first time we invited our friends to like the page, initially it had 266 likes, and the owner of Camisa 10 told us that before we became admins he only gained one like per week, maximum two. After one week we could increase 22 likes. Then, after we invited everyone we could, we started commenting in other posts, as we said before. All this combined work could reach 327 likes, almost one hundred more.


We let the page run for a few weeks just to make sure that there were nothing else we could do more. When we reached that point, we used the sponsored tool, that’s one of the reasons we didn’t post it here in the blog before, we wanted to make sure we used all time we’ve got to make the best out of it. One week before the deadline, we defined a budget and used. Now I’ll show a few pictures of the results.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 19.01.40            Unfortunately, it is in Portuguese, but I will try to translate to make it easier for understanding. First of all, it says that our “fans” are 35% woman, 64% man, both between eighteen and twenty four years old. Then the chart is showing the countries and cities we have followers. The top one is Brazil with 288, followed by the United States of America with 11, my guess it is because we have friends living there. We have fans in the UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Israel as well.

The second chart shows the cities, the main one is São Paulo with 212, that’s because we’re from there, therefore our friends too. The other ones are some countryside’s cities of Brazil.

To sum it up, we are very proud of the overall result; we didn’t expect such a positive feedback, the page likes doubled 100% as we gained 303 likes. Here are some pictures for a better visualization.



Our friend, the owner of the page, is very thankful and will continue promoting Camisa 10.


Isabel Avena and Rafaela Calicchio