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London Life Tips

For our Social Media Campaign, we chose to create an Instagram account called London Life Tips letting people know about restaurants, coffee shops, museums, events, etc. around London. The reason we chose to create this account was because, as students living in London, we understand how difficult it is to find great places and interesting events around such a large city without locals there to help you along the way. Since we have been living abroad in this amazing place, we have found great places around the city and have figured out how to find what’s happening around every part of London, so we wanted to spread the knowledge essentially becoming our follower’s helpful “locals”. With this campaign, our goals were to, of course, spread our knowledge of London and gain a good following.

When figuring out what social media platform we wanted to use, we knew we needed one that had a wide reach of users. We ruled out Facebook as an option because as users, we know that sometimes posts can get lost in a sea of cat videos. Using Twitter was also an idea, but it didn’t seem like a fitting option for the campaign we wanted to use. Comparing Twitter with Instagram, users know that a good way to search for places and things to do is by searching on Instagram. Twitter isn’t exactly the place that most people use to find suggestions for things around a city. We also compared them with each other in terms of the amount of users on each social media platform. Twitter has about 300 million users while Instagram has double that amount. We felt that with this information, Instagram would be the best choice for our campaign.

We deSunsettermined that our target audience were young adults who wanted to explore the city and have fun. These people could be those who already live in London, just moved to London, or are simply visiting. They are males and females who are outgoing and want to have a fun time. To try and gain followers, we started by following popular accounts and people, hoping to gain a follow back. Being Instagram users ourselves, we know that people search certain hashtags when they want to find specific things. We made sure that in our descriptions under our pictures we added relatable or popular hashtags such as: #LondonLife or #FunNightOut. We also tried getting our followers involved by asking them to tag us in photos for a chance to be featured on our account. Alongside that, we asked our followers to tag friends in our pictures to spread the word of our account. We posted pictures three to four times a week.

Starting out with our idea, we knew that we would have to find something that set us apart from the rest of the London Instagram accounts out in the world. Starting completely from scratch, it was going to be difficult for us to really gain a following. We started to talk about what makes us different from other accounts, and we figured out that since there is two of us, we offer a broader perspective of options considering our different interests. Some of our posts featured art events while another featured a beer festival. Some of our posts talked about a really great pub and another talked about family activities. We found it important to keep a wide variety in the things we posted so that more people would be able to relate to our page. Another thing that helps to set us apart is altering our tone. If we target our tone to appeal to the audience we want to reach, we are going to stick out to others.

So far, since we haven’t been onFollowersline for toimage1o long, our following is good. In the three weeks we have existed as an account, we have gained a total of eleven followers. We can see that our approach has worked because a couple of our followers were accounts that we had mentioned in our post that liked what we said and followed us back. The first week we were active, we had four followers by the end of the week. By the second week we had around eight and in the third week had reached our current eleven followers. Our first post we made, which featured a picture from a local photographer, got seven likes which was the most likes out of all of our pictures. We had three other posts that reached six likes. We found that the ones that had the most likes were where we used a large amount of hashtags, set the location, and mentioned a group in the photo. Keeping this in mind, if we apply this to every post we make, we can get a good amount of exposure. If we keep going with our strategy, we very much believe that we could gain a huge following.

Although our following is still very small, we have a lot of room to grow. In hindsight, a good strategy for us would have been to post more often. In the world we live in today, people are always looking for something to do and something to see. Giving them those resources multiple times daily would have done a better job at fulfilling their needs. Another thing we could have done differently would have been to comment on other account’s posts, telling their followers to check out our page. Although that doesn’t have much more of an effect than what we had already been doing, I still think it would have contributed. One major thing we need to always remember is to stay unique. Since there are so many other accounts out there, it is easy to get lost in the midst of them. If we keep a tone that really connects with our followers and people in general, we will be able to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Keeping all of this in mind for the future, we could really evolve into an influential account with a huge following.

Written by: Rachel Mueller and Monique Von Gabriel

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The Voices of the Faceless

Who is the writer behind your computer screens? Social media is a very interesting thing that just keeps on growing. As internet becomes more and more accessible, people are finding their way onto these media outlets whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or the one I’m going to be talking about: the Blogosphere. There are many types of blogs out there: food, fashion, news, beauty, lifestyle, and more. Now we see blogs as being so prevalent in today’s culture, but it wasn’t always that way.imgres

According to WebdesignerDepot, the first recognized blogging site was, created by Justin Hall in 1994. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that blogging had started to expand. By 2006, there were reportedly 50 million blogs online, compared to 1999’s lonely 23 blogs – that’s a huge expansion. With the growth of blogs online, the internet started to see more articles giving “how-to” advice on starting a successful blog and rounding up a following.

orig_tn_photo-40288-244302When I started learning about blogs, it wasn’t the concept of a blog that interested me, it was the fact the anyone- ANYONE, could start one and have it be potentially successful. I started following more and more blogs, one being The Style Rookie. This was a blog created by a twelve year old girl named Tavi Gevinson. It started as a fashion blog, and her father didn’t take her new hobby too seriously, until it became wildly popular. Tavi was being interviewed by The New York Times and was soon given the opportunity to have not only her own website but also a magazine which she named Rookie.

Blogging never ceases to amaze with all of the things people can accomplish by simply posting their thoughts. You create a following and you speak to people, no matter who you are or how old you might be. That’s the truly amazing thing about not only blogging but social media platforms in general. If you have something that you are passionate about that makes other people excited, you can make a difference. 

Written by: Rachel Mueller