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Assignment 1 Brief

 Part 1 Research Report

During the Unit you will be required to conduct self directed research examining an aspect of social media that interests you. In the spirit of what this Unit is about, you are asked to submit your findings as an engaging and well constructed blog post. This is primarily an exercise in information gathering and specialist knowledge building, but considering how to best ‘share’ your interpretation of this information will make the task resonate with relevance and critical editing.

Consider the following:

  • What interests you?
  • How does it function/what does it do?
  • How successful is it?
  • How could it be improved?

Your final research report should be toned in accordance with the demographic of your primary audiences. Within your research report you must show clear indications of primary and secondary research sources. This should be dove tailed into your written discussion (as links, embedded media, etc) rather than supplied as a list.

Think about how to use images within your research report – if at all.

Think about how to pace your discussion/argument/observations through clearly delineated paragraphs.

Think about organisations, tags, blogs and profiles to cite in your report to encourage external sharing.


Your research report is to be submitted in digital format as a post on this class blog. Instructions for posting/editing will be emailed to you. Please post your report in the ‘Assignment’ category and tag it ‘Assignment 1’.

Your research report must include:

  • A headline style title
  • Your name*
  • Minimum 300 maximum 550 words
  • Maximum 4 images

Deadline: 6pm. 31.03.17

*Some of you may prefer to use just a first name or nickname as this is live and public, which is fine!