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@lcf_dailyinspo: Did it Work?

To begin to dissect this campaign, we will begin with analyzing the images themselves. Our content expressed life as a college student in London with some posts specifically geared towards the London College of Fashion student body. This varied from inspiration on daily outfit choices to inspiration on daily life. We believe that inspiration on fashion in today’s society stems from ones surrounding. Seeing a certain landscape persuades one to try something new with colors and to live life to the fullest. Patterns and trends come from life around us. This project gave both of us a chance to stop and think about certain landscapes that we pass every day.

To consolidate the site in one sentence, it was a snapshot of our lives as study abroad students living in London. That slight pivot from the original campaign stemmed from personal interest on the topic. Analyzing our different adventures during this short yet insightful journey yields reflection. Capturing this youthful time while at the same time looking at social media in other light is quite interesting and gave us new ideas. Displaying this through a student’s eyes can gain insight to what traveling abroad is like for future students. Although this started as a campaign to open one’s eyes to the different fashions of my surroundings, it accomplished more than intended. Adding in posts about our personal travels was unexpected but we believe it yielded positive results.


The question, “did it work?” is a tough question to answer because the overall success is hard to measure and is very opinionated. One way to look at it is if the campaign created inspiration for students and for the general public. Inspiration is also a difficult task to measure since one cannot see the thought process of the individual seeing the content. One can be inspired from a certain image to wear that clothing, colors, or style. On the other hand, they could be inspired to carry themselves a certain way like the person in the photograph. Another example could be that they would be inspired to travel to that location or attend that fashion show. However, in our opinion it did that. From talking to classmates about the campaign they thought it was cool yet real and would instantly ask for the Instagram handle to follow it. Real to the fact that it displayed the true fashion of a college student on our campus. The content on the page was the content that walked through the halls.

Another way to measure success is to look at the follower count and traction on the page. Starting from zero followers to reaching 27 is an accomplishment. It isn’t what we had hoped for the site, but it did reach explore pages without any advertising or money. This is something that speaks to the quality of content, chosen tags, and the times we chose to post. Analyzing the likes from the site, our posts received around ten likes ach. Based on the number of followers, that was a good number. We found it surprising that we also got likes from accounts that did not even follow us. That meant that other people were finding our page, but it did not turn into followers. Overall, it was not a complete home run, but it was not a failure either. We had adequate traction that contributed to the goal outlined in our campaign presentation.


If we were to do this assignment again, we would alter the way I approached the situation. The time frame was short for the task at hand, which we did not realize at the start. We both should have begun to advertise right off the bat and begin to get content immediately. Remembering to run a campaign while at the same time being a student and traveling around Europe was harder than we anticipated. It was very easy to believe we had more time to give to this project when, in reality, we did not.

In addition, when spring break came along traveling took over. I know that before the project started we were very sure we would be on top of the content, but the time slipped from underneath us. Not meeting during the week hindered our performance and looking back we both know we should have made this a priority. When you have class once a week, it is an ongoing reminder of the assignment, once we stopped meeting for class it got harder and harder to put this project on the top of our “to do list.” Overall, that is the major thing we would do differently.

Another thing that we would do differently is the way that I handled marketing. Marketing to a demographic without any money backing you is harder than it seems. Even though social media is so large in my target market, it is also a drawback. Today there are so many Instagram accounts so it is hard to get noticed. Scrolling though the explore page and clicking on our account is the luck of the draw. We tried to attract users using hashtags, but that did not work as well as we had originally planned. It seemed like a great idea, but most people, especially those in our targeted demographic, never search Instagram through hashtags. Why did we assume it would be very effective if neither of us, two members of the demographic we are targeting, never use that tool? That answer is complicated because trying to plan for this campaign, we were thinking on the side of a social media PR person, not an avid user. If we had the chance to do this again we should utilize the fact that we are both part of the target demographic and “reverse think” how we use Instagram to grow more.

IMG_6711Lastly, the next step we would take if there was a longer time frame would be to create a twitter and snapchat account. We see twitter as a great way of interacting with young adults and yielding communication. Chaining twitter messages so that one can follow a conversation is a unique way speaking on a topic. Even if one is not involved in the conversation, they could follow along and like or retweet something they find interesting. In addition, we would also create a snapchat account. We feel this is such a new and exciting way to show the daily life of an LCF student. Clips could show outfit inspiration yet also show video of what life inside a classroom or common room is at this University. It would show more daily life material than any other site could possibly have. Snapchat is a great way of having many images and videos shown in a day without seeming overbearing. The options with adding snapchat to this idea are endless and could grow the following immensely.

Overall, this project was a great way
to reflect on our overall experience of college life and our study abroad travels. It was challenging to stay on top of it, at times, but in the end showed us exactly what we wanted to get out of this course; A better understanding of social media and further peak our interests on the rapidly changing platforms. We know we had a solid idea and our proud of what we accomplished.


Nikki & Hannah



Twitter Moments: news of the future?

On October 6th, 2015, Twitter launched a brand-new feature called “Moments, the best of twitter in an instant.”  At first, this tool was pushed to users as a new way to view current news and topics, in the format of a group of tweets, on Twitter without having to following new accounts.  Originally on its own tab, moments can now be found on the explore page where they are broken up into categories. For example, as I write this some of the top moments are:

beginningUK NEWS: Over one million sign petition to block Trump state visit to UK

HISTORY: The execution of King Charles I

AWARDS SEASON 2017: The best of the SAG Awards red carpet

From there you tap on the moment you wish to browse and swipe left through the curated tweets. The first page always includes a title with a brief introduction, and beyond that every page has a retweet and like button. At the very bottom there is a bar that shows your movement through the tweets and indicates how many there are until the end of the story. At the end, there is an option to share the moment and a list of other moments you might wish to view next.

middleThe actual format of this feature is very similar to the format of Snapchat and Instagram stories. All three become full screen and contain quick blurbs of information that are intended to be consumed very quickly. The navigation of the feature, the user swipes instead of taps, and the number of people contributing content, one account versus many, are the most noticeable difference.

Because creating moments is now open to all users any moment that any account tweets can end up on the featured moments page. Whether you are verified or not, have millions of followers or 10, it doesn’t matter. If what you are saying is important and warrants to be known by others you have the possibility of ending up on the featured page to be viewed by all of Twitter.

As a user of many (probably too many) social media platforms I have found Moments to be useful in two different ways. I head to this feature when I need a quick catch up on todays events. From politics to music to any category I endinstinctively find interesting, I always feel this is a good use of my time when I am in a rush. Secondly, this feature is an unmatched resource during a live breaking news event. Mainly Politics, Sports, and Pop Culture. The tweets are updated to the second and if you can’t find a TV or live stream, this is your best bet to stay informed in a live way. All you have to do is follow the moment and the tweets will be seamlessly integrated into the rest of your feed.

Twitter has found a valid way to make both reading and contributing to breaking news and events much more accessible and appealing to all.