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There’s a great roundup on Fashion & Mash of some current stories in the world of fashion media and tech – recommended if you’re interested in trends and innovations in the industry! Check it out here.


Digital reading list (September 2016)

There is more writing on social media to be found online than any one person could read, and sifting out the quality from the noise can be a job in its own right. The following links have been chosen as a sample, but remember, this is a dynamic and innovative field. Keeping up to date while being discerning is a key skill to be developed.

Even more than reading what people have written about online communication, being an active participant is one of the best ways to become an expert. Throughout this course, we encourage you to independently explore a variety social media accounts, conversations and hashtags and draw your own conclusions about what works, and why. That said, here are some articles and discussions covering essential topics that we hope you will find useful.

Articles and discussions

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