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Safeplace 2017 report

For our social media campaign we decided to use our project as an opportunity to raise awareness and increase understanding about mental illness. We chose this campaign because we feel very passionate about this topic and we think it’s important to talk about it and to make other people talk about it too. We wish for our followers and contributors to feel like they are not alone by posting re-tweets from people who want to support and show their compassion for the people who might need it. We chose the name safe place because that’s what we want our account to be, a place where anyone who feel alone in their struggle can go and get inspired, find motivation and see that they are not alone. Our audience is all ages and gender, whoever that stumble upon our page are welcome to share their thoughts and be a part in our campaign. No matter who they are or where they are, everyone is welcome. We also wanted people to show their support and be apart of the discussion by encouraging them to share their safe place by using the hashtag #safeplace.

We found Instagram to be the most suitable platform since we wanted to use pictures as a way to communicate to our followers and target audience, it’s one of the most common one and it’s easier to spread the word about our campaign through the same app as well. The hashtag we want people to get engaged in and it’s a great way for our benefit to get noticed when someone uses it.  We decided that the content should be a mix between posts with information about mental illness in the UK to show how common it actually is, mixed with inspirational and positive posts and pictures from people who wish to share their safe places with our followers. The content and the tone will be soft, caring and supportive with relevant and realistic statistics and information. We wish to build a platform that can help people who suffer from any mental health condition feel better if only for a second by looking at our posts and to tell them where they can get help if they might need it.

So our content is a mix between our own content & our followers. We want to get the followers to engage in our campaign and post pictures on their Instagram accounts of a place where they feel safe and a short comment on why with the #safeplace. We will then repost it on our own Instagram page. Also as administrators we going to upload informative post about mental illness and how to get help to encourage our followers that no matter what they are getting through they are not alone. The ideal would be that our followers comment on our pictures and help each other out with tips, ideas and stories about how they are dealing with their mental illness to support each other as well.

We decided to post facts about mental illness twice a week, inspirational quotes once a day and repost as frequently as we get pictures from our followers. We began by using our own account to spread the word about our new page and tell people what it was all about, we then asked them to help us spread the word and a lot of people actually contributed with pictures on the first day, and  on the second day we had 31 followers and our posts had a total of 64 likes.

Skärmavbild 2017-04-17 kl. 18.29.32

We began researching mental illness statistics in the UK and we also found organisations that worked for the same cause as we do to be able to tell our followers about them so that they could get getter help then we can provide if needed. Since it’s such a serious topic this is something that we felt was really important to research thoroughly.

It worked out pretty good if you look at the number of followers we gained on such a short time and who kept following us for the whole time (as of today we have 32 followers) even though we didn’t get the amount of pictures we needed to make the feed as consistent as we hoped for. We still feel like it’s a very important topic and that an account like this is needed, an account that is not to formal and that shows a lot of warmth and support, the people we spoke to have been very positive to the idea and most of them wanted to help us spread the word of safeplace2017.

One thing that didn’t work was our schedule of updates, we didn’t get as many submissions from our followers in the end of the period as we did in the beginning. And because of bad communication we didn’t post as frequently as we should have, we should also have used other platforms in the beginning to help spread the word about the account, we could also have used different platforms for different things, for example using Instagram for the contributors #safeplace pictures, twitter to inform about mental illness and Facebook to market the website and have our followers talking and supporting each other. This would probably have helped us if we wanted to gain followers faster but in the same time we wanted to keep it simple and have everything collected on one social media platform to make it easy to access in a short amount of time.

The next step in our campaign would be to make a better schedule between the administrators to divided the work and make the uploading of the posts more consistent. We would also need to start interacting more with our followers to see why they follow us and what they wish we would post more of on our page, since the word of mouth strategy worked out pretty well we would continue using this strategy to gain more followers, when the contributors posts their picture and tag us it also becomes a way of word of moth promotion that has been proven to work in our advantage.

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By: Miccaela Larsson & Jessica Roos


Fashion house promoting campaign through internet humour

Arthur clenched fist, Evil Kermit, Pepe the Frog and that guy named Roll Safe who taps his head with the slightest bit of smugness. The iconic images accompanied by a caption in a plain front that’s relatable, silly and sharable with little to no context. It’s something that you can easily tap into our collective psyche or express feelings that we sometimes don’t know how to put into words and that’s the beauty of a meme, it speaks for itself; it makes you laugh in agreement, cringe from the realness or roll your eyes over the ironi.

It was only a matter of fact before the luxury fashion brand co-opted in an attempt to bring in more millennial shoppers. Gucci is one of the most talked about brands at the moment and launched a campaign called #TFWGucci a couple of weeks ago. The luxury fashion brand has played a risky game referencing the arrival of the new world of memes in their campaign promoting its line of watches. Designer houses from Comme Des Garçons to Chanel have already jumped on the social media train to promote their brands in a different way online and made emoji packs, but now Gucci is promoting this new bold ad campaign that dared to embrace internet culture and giving out the Gucci memes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 16.08.36.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-01 at 16.08.45.png

Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michelle revealed a “desire to engage with a wider creative community than that which traditionally locates around the world of fashion” when explaining the reason behind their latest campaign. The collaborative project #TFWGucci that some people are loving (how the fashion house’s foray into internet humour) many of its Instagram followers are not to keen about it and there’s been a huge backlash from social media users.

In an opinion column published at the writer is critical of the brands adopt of memes says that “when big business try to attract younger customers (we see you, Gen Z) in order to make a profit, it comes off as cringe-worthy, awkward and, to be honest ,a lot less fun”. Although in a recent article written by Wendy Syfret in i-D, the topic of discussion points out that millennials have increasingly used memes to help encourage the subject around mental health issues, a topic that have been banned to speak about in public before.

“Twin things make it easier to speak about difficult subjects: humor distance – qualities the memes naturally provide.”

In a way this campaign could have had more thought behind it and you could definitely see it from a two side view (something positive and something negative). But who would have expected to see the Arthur meme, or a post featuring the words “me vs the guy she says I shouldn’t worry about” in a Gucci campaign? I would still give Gucci a A+ for the effort and I really liked the idea that they provided to make something fun and edgy. It’s a new thing to do and not that many people or companies succeed with it like Gucci did.

Written by: Jessica

The platform of the future

As a social media and online communication student and user, I can say that, Instagram is, nowadays, the social media platform with more potential of growing. With more than 150 million users, the photo sharing app has been greatly explored by brands aiming to promote your products and also to be part of its consumers day to day life.

With the latest updates, Instagram delivers to its users a little bit of each social media platform, making them loose popularity, such as WhatsApp, with the direct messages. Snapchat, with the Instagram stories, and last but not least Vines, with the longer lasting video posts available since June 2013. With that in mind, social media users are replacing other platforms and using every day more their Instagram pages. On the other hand, since the last update, Instagram users are complaining that they are no longer able to see all of their friends posts as they are now giving preference to more relevant posts, and not on chronological order.

Brands are using fashion bloggers, celebrities and also digital influencers posts to reach out for their costumers all over the world and to make themselves known. Partnerships between brands has also been a interesting way to achieve your goals promoting your name. Another attractive way to advertise your brand is the paid tool available, that shows you products and pages you might like based on the people you follow, things you like on Instagram, your information and interests on Facebook and also websites and app you visit. 

Consumers are looking for more and more inspiration online and in digital influencers. Additionally as Instagram offers a lot of different ways to promote your brand, in my opinion is the most promising social media platform to gain followers and also reach for your target market.

Rafaela Gontijo Calicchio


I’ve always liked Snapchat the most, for me it is the easiest social media to use and it helps to keep you in touch with your closest friends and to see whats going on with famous people. In my opinion it’s not the best platform to promote your brands or events, but to maintain contact with your customers, building a relationship with them.

At the beginning Snapchat were just to send pictures to your friends, but there are rumours that it began with a sexual concept. Nowadays, it has a feature called “story” which you can upload videos or pictures that will only last 24h for your friends to see. It is a huge success, and due to it its competitors improved their features too.

It all started with Instagram, you are able to post stories, talk directly yo a person and even make live videos now, it’s a platform that includes a little of everything. A lot of people prefer to use this platform because it reaches more people than Snapchat, where you normally only have your friends. A large number of brands use this story tool to promote new collections, or post pictures mixing looks. It’s a great idea because you don’t have to scroll down to see the pictures; it’s already on the top of the page, which attracts more attention and curiosity. In my opinion a large number o users are migrating to Instagram.

Not only Intagram, but also WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have included the story tool, however, with no similar results. The only remaining one is twitter.

I particularly don’t know how Snapchat are going to rise and come up with a new revolutionary idea to maintain its users. In my opinion there’s no more they can improve, just some bug fixes. Live videos, for example, are already a thing among other social medias, and Snapchat is all about pictures and videos, not long texts or written things, so this complicates when it comes to new ideas.

In a short time we will know if this platform became obsolete or magically appeared with a forward-looking concept that changed everything.

Isabel Avena

Instagram Copycat

In the age of social media, there are plenty of travel blogs, snaps and instagram posts providing us with a bit of wanderlust. With their creative photography and editing these bloggers spend time and time again awing us with their posts and inspiring us to explore the current city they are at or the latest “it” hotspot. These posts stimulate us to go to these places, take pictures and share them socially and receive as many ‘likes’ as we can. However, a while back, inspiration was taken a little too far. They say ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ however this time wasn’t the case.

Instagrammer Lauren Bullen, also known as gypsea_lust travels the world along with her partner to exotic destinations and takes her 1.2M followers along her trips via her blog and instagram account. Each of Bullen’s posts receives thousands of ‘likes’ and comments of fans who admire her photography. Her posts also inspire people to go to certain places or buy something she has worn however no one has gone as far as ‘Diana Alexa’, a.k.a @diana_alexa.

Recently Bullen has found herself feeling a bit weirded out after finding another Instagrammer, ‘Diana’ had been copying several of her instagram posts. ‘Diana’ didn’t simply choose to go to the same location or choose to wear something similar but rather she completely replicated Bullen’s posts. Bullen had said “[A]t first I thought it was all Photoshopped & had to take screen shots to compare the two,” however after further analyzation has realized that these are in fact real images.


Bullen also stated that “[She doesn’t] promote and tag everything [she wears], so that would have taken a lot of time and work, even down to the anklets and necklace”. “Not to mention the cost of all this- those outfits and accommodations don’t come at a cheap price.”




The situation surrounding Lauren Bullen and ‘Diana Alexa’ comes to show that in social media people seem more concerned whether a picture will achieve a desirable number of ‘likes’. It doesn’t matter is the content is already out there or if it is, like in this case, a complete replica.

Social Media Campaign @goldenpartsoflondon

We actually came up with another plan at first, but when that pl17572065_1439152102794504_1320560685_o.jpgan could not happen we had to go with our plan B; To create our
very own and unique instagram account of London inspiration. We created an instagram account for the local londoners and the so called new born londoners but also for the vacation ones. All over all, we created an instagram account where we posted golden parts and places of London to inspire and help people have a good time in this city of a thousand cultures and possibilities. The name came naturally to us; goldenpartsoflondon. The name simply explains what the account is all about; the golden parts of London.

Our aims were to post good quality pictures with a variation of context to satisfy a larger amount of people, a larger variation of individuals. We still had one common theme in all the pictures and posts; to keep a relation and connection throughout all the pictures and to inspire. We posted three pictures per restaurant, museum and other places to have a pattern in our feed and also for our followers to get a larger insight and idea about each place. In this way we attract the person’s eye, who possibly found our account through hashtags, with our inspirational feed before they even had the chance to have a close look on each picture and its giving but yet so simple, inspirational caption.


(Here is examples on two of our pictures of how the hashtags and caption could look like. The left one is one of the later pictures with the new edit and the one to the right is one of the first ones)

The tone of delivery we wanted to have was inspirational pictures to make people want to go there, be satisfied with their choice of going there and therefore being satisfied with taking on our advice, and in that way returning to our account and telling their friends and family about it. We also wanted to update frequently to not keep our followers on hold, we therefore decided to post three days a week. Three pictures per place, three days a week. We succeeded with this idea the first two weeks but we soon realised how much time it takes to take the pictures, edit them and post them with a suitable caption. What we could have done differently here is to re-post pictures from other Instagram-account, in this way we would also have gained followers by posting other peoples pictures with their name – in that way, they see our account, they will probably show their friends and family and we will be seen by more people and probably gain followers in that way. We would also try harder to actually update the account more, that would put us more out there and probably help us gain followers. The thing is that the followers we gained, we did not loose. Once they saw us, they stayed with us.

To create the inspirational feed that would attract and earn followers we decided, as mentioned above, to have three p17547619_1439154322794282_1725957128_o.jpgictures about the same place. In that way we would create a pattern and a larger knowledge about the place. We could have used Instagram’s new update where you can post several pictures in one post, where you slide to see the other pictures. But since we wanted to have an ongoing pattern in our feed, we decided to go with our idea about posting three individual pictures of the same place. Another move we wanted to fulfill and complete were to have the same edit and effect on all the pictures to please the eye in a smooth way. We began to have a bright touch to all the pictures, but as pictures were posted we realised that edit did not fit all the pictures because of lighting and content in the pictures. We therefore changed our edit to a more natural one, which we are going to stick to from now on.

(Here you can easily see our feed, starting to attract your eye more with the new choice of editing the pictures)

Another point we realised as we went on with our account is that we probably are directing our posts towards women and girls our age rather than a huge variation of individuals. After all, we are two girls who obviously engage in limited interests. The posts naturally becomes more about the interests we have and where we rather would go since our pictures are all photographed by us. This is, as mentioned above, something we would have done differently. In the future we would use other people’s pictures, tagging them and in that way be noticed in a different way and earning followers.

Stats and evidence of impact

What we actually did to get followers, was to use suitable hashtags underneath all our pictures. To get a knowledge and understanding about what hashtags were the most useful for us we looked for similar accounts and managed to find a few with thousands of followers. We also started following similar accounts both for us to gather inspiration and to be seen on their page when we frequently like their pictures. This actually did work (the hashtags and the accounts we followed), since people started following us and even a few of the ones with several thousand followers followed us as well.


(Judging on their amount of followers, their hashtags must be winners)

To watch the progress of our instagram towards the goals we choose to watch how interactive our followers was week by week. We looked after how our followers was increasing and the amount of likes and comments we got. Overall it was a steady increase with similar amount of new followers every week, the difference between week 1-3 and 3-6 was in the amount of likes. Since we were more active in week 1-3 rather than 3-6 it is not any surprising numbers. Beneath are the statistics for our instagram account @goldenpartsoflondon over the weeks.

Week 1-3        Week 3-6       Final result

Followers, 20     Followers, 19       Followers, 39
Comments, 3      Comments, 1       Comments, 4
Likes, 174           Likes, 88            Likes, 262

As mentioned before the whole process of finding a place, photograph it and edit the pictures was a lot more time consuming than we thought in first place. This could for example be solved by using reposts of other accounts. It will help us to get our name out there and to be discovered by more people. For the future we need to rethink both our short- and long term goals, such as posting every third day. To gain a larger range of followers, we would think about changing up our suggestions with places directed to all types of people. To be able to do this, we need to put more time and thought into it and research about what other people do. By “other people” we do mean someone not like us, the fact that we have pretty similar interests has been held against us in our goal and aim about reaching out to a large variation of individuals. Maybe we do need a new partner, to drag us outside the box. Because we do need to learn how to think outside the box, since it is difficult sometimes to have a knowledge about places and parts you would have never thought of yourself. Another thing we could do to gain followers is to engage our followers, this could be done by putting “Tag your photo with #goldenpartsoflondon” in our bio to make people engage more and help us to get a more frequent update every third day, by re-posting the best pictures. We actually did get mentioned through a tag in a picture posted by another bigger instagram page, with more followers than us. So another move in the future will be to focus on other accounts rather than our own to be seen in their and see the different possibilities of how we can help each other.


London College of Fashion (UAL)
Social Media, March 2017
Andrea Drottenmyr, Linnéa Ivetorn

Camisa 10 social media srategy

As a social media user, we believed to be much easier to gain likes, promote your brand, or even an event. On the other hand, as a campaign developer, we realized that a successful strategy requires a lot of hard work and commitment, going way beyond the followers you get.

For our assignment we chose our friend’s facebook page named Camisa 10, which means the number ten jersey, where he and 3 more friends write about the football world, such as Brazilian and foreign players, games results, hiring, and not only national but also international championships. All articles are written in Portuguese, as their main audience is Brazilian users from age 13 to 30. For most people in this country soccer is not simply a sport, it’s almost a religion, a passion that you grow experiencing. Therefore, is one of the main reasons we pick this page to boost because we saw so much potential. The definition of the page is “Written by soccer lovers and for soccer lovers”.

As start up facebook page we decided to concentrate our efforts in only one platform to be more focused and with that be more effective. So we brainstormed many possible ideas on how to promote and reach out for more users. Our first and main idea was to use a facebook tool called “sponsored”, it’s a paid method, which you establish a budget you are willing to spend and facebook finds its way to best boost your likes and followers and reaching a bigger audience.

But then we realized, as we became administrators, that not all of his and our friends have been invited do follow and like the page. We decided then, to start from this, we invited a large amount of people, who corresponded really well, above our expectations. When we first got connected to Camisa 10 it had 266 likes and little interaction. As we invited our friends we could reach 60 people, and besides the likes, users started to comment a lot more. As administrators of the page we could se the improvement with all the data facebook provided us.

The second step of our strategy was based on trying to go beyond our comfort zone, so we used posts from other similar pages to promote our own. With this, tried to make us known among its followers as it is the same interest area. We commented our link with a little description of the page and what is all about. To be honest, that was the less effective idea.

As we couldn’t do more ourselves, we decided to use the sponsored tool. We established a $5 dollar budget to last one day, and we are proud to say that it really worked. Before the paid content we had 314 likes, and after an hour that number rose 52 likes, with 1105 people reached.

His record post beat 15 likes, but after all the hard work we could get 3,2K likes and reach 25.291 people, with 109 comments, which means it was not ghost followers. And we could get a lot more if we increase our initial poor budget, but it’s not the point here, we are afraid that it could lead to future ghost followers, and it’s definitely not what we want for the page.


However, it was not all rainbows and butterflies, at first we had an overall idea for the page, but it didn’t corresponded on what our friend was willing. We wanted him to write posts in other languages such as English, Spanish and maybe a bit of Italian, but he refused saying that it would loose the essence of the articles. For that, our target got reduced and strict, so we had to manage our initial strategies.

For us, I think this was the first chock; we were expecting a different campaign, targeting more people and expanding worldwide. Now I am thankful it didn’t happen, we realized it is impossible to begin a promotion with such high goals that are so hard to achieve.

It is useless to keep talking about numbers and improvements without showing them. So, now we are going to share our results via screenshots we took during the whole campaign.

file-5 (1)

This screenshot was taken the first time we invited our friends to like the page, initially it had 266 likes, and the owner of Camisa 10 told us that before we became admins he only gained one like per week, maximum two. After one week we could increase 22 likes. Then, after we invited everyone we could, we started commenting in other posts, as we said before. All this combined work could reach 327 likes, almost one hundred more.


We let the page run for a few weeks just to make sure that there were nothing else we could do more. When we reached that point, we used the sponsored tool, that’s one of the reasons we didn’t post it here in the blog before, we wanted to make sure we used all time we’ve got to make the best out of it. One week before the deadline, we defined a budget and used. Now I’ll show a few pictures of the results.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 19.01.40            Unfortunately, it is in Portuguese, but I will try to translate to make it easier for understanding. First of all, it says that our “fans” are 35% woman, 64% man, both between eighteen and twenty four years old. Then the chart is showing the countries and cities we have followers. The top one is Brazil with 288, followed by the United States of America with 11, my guess it is because we have friends living there. We have fans in the UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Israel as well.

The second chart shows the cities, the main one is São Paulo with 212, that’s because we’re from there, therefore our friends too. The other ones are some countryside’s cities of Brazil.

To sum it up, we are very proud of the overall result; we didn’t expect such a positive feedback, the page likes doubled 100% as we gained 303 likes. Here are some pictures for a better visualization.



Our friend, the owner of the page, is very thankful and will continue promoting Camisa 10.


Isabel Avena and Rafaela Calicchio